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Discover fascination, inspiration, information and consulting in the new Competence Center Packaging. Experience and test a wide range of solutions for innovative and individual packaging processes. Whatever your requirements might be, we have the right system. This includes operating and analysing software, single machines and complete automatic packaging lines for smart supply chains.

Here you can gain practical insight and learn how order processing, material flow, packaging, filling, closing and shipping of goods can be made faster and more efficient. Together with experts in special machine construction, you can also start project planning of entire production lines.

We have optimized our processes to help save you time, increase productivity while also reducing your costs and CO2 emissions. Even future topics such as automation and digitization can already be experienced in the Competence Center Packaging.


Space for your successful future: Innovative packaging processes


From April 25-27, the Competence Center Packaging also features:


  • software tools for machine control systems, merchandise management systems and packaging processes
  • volume, weight measurement and data processing of the products to be packaged
  • the proven EM line for accurately sized packaging in a wide variety of industries
  • the ConSta contour punch for variable-length products
  • the iQ Fusion series for small series in mail order (“ship from store”)
  • a new state-of-the-art auto gluer for gluing blanks
  • the X4 integrates cutting, folding, gluing and labelling in one machine
  • folding tables to assist with carton erecting and filling
  • various automatic carton closing options
  • packaging peripherals such as scanners and label printers
  • other accessories and compatible consumables

In addition, we will be presenting two very special technology innovations for the first time over these days. First, the brand-new M-Series machine generation featuring a modular design and equipped with upgrade potential. You decide which functionalities you need. The modular design means less maintenance and therefore increased availability. The M-Series also boasts an option of printing on cardboard boxes.

The PackBot robotic cell, which automatically picks up and erects the flat carton blanks, is all about automation. Lots of cool stuff on show, it’s worth coming.

You will also have the opportunity to experience individual packaging lines from special purpose machinery construction live. The highlight will be when we unveil our innovative and fully automatic packaging line for furniture fronts. From workpiece transport, to automatic generation of a new kind of edge protection made of cardboard and wood elements, to packaging of workpieces with the aid of robots.

We listen, understand and provide solutions.




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